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gundam build fighters try (update 11/03/15)

Seven years after the events of Gundam Build Fighters, the rules of Gunpla have been renewed, and the sport becomes even more popular. However, one academy is left behind in this change, and that was Seiho Academy, which Sei Iori once attended. The only member of the Gunpla Battle club remaining is Fumina Hoshino, who befriends Sekai Kamiki, a boy who has been training with his master in martial arts and the young Gunpla builder Yuuma Kousaka, and together, they attempt to secure a place in the world championship as the "Try Fighters" (トライ・ファイターズ Torai Faitāzu?).

Shortly after the Arista that produces Plavsky particles is destroyed in the final episode of the previous season, Plavsky Particle System Engineering (PPSE) is acquired by Yajima Industries while American scientist and Gunpla fighter Nils Nielsen and his girlfriend Caroline Yajima rediscover Plavsky particles aboard the International Space Station. With new Plavsky particles produced, the sport of Gunpla Battle continues worldwide.
In Gundam Build Fighters Try, the one-on-one battle format is replaced by battles between teams of three Gunpla fighters and is divided into two categories: one for players under 19 years old and one for older players. In addition, damage levels can now be set on participating Gunpla.
New rules have been added to Gunpla battle:
  • Non-mobile suit support units such as Core Boosters count as one Gunpla unit.
  • Mobile suits that combine such as the Double Zeta Gundam or Victory Gundam count as one unit, but must be controlled by only one person when separated into multiple units.
  • Teams may use only one mobile armor in battle, with all three members piloting it.
  • Teams can change Gunpla before each match; changing Gunpla during a match is forbidden.
  • Each match has a 15-minute time limit.
  • If both teams have the same number of Gunpla left after the time limit expires, the match is declared a draw; each team will select a representative for a one-on-one battle to determine a winner. 

Mobile Suits

Try Fighters (トライ・ファイターズ, Torai Faitāzu)

    Seiho Academy's Plamo Club (プラモデル部, Puramoderu-bu)

    Seiho Academy's Gunpla Battle Club (ガンプラバトル部, Ganpura Batoru-bu)

    Song Dynasty Vase (北宋(ほくそう)の壺, Hokusō no Tsubo)

    Cross Sword

    Kamiigusa GC


    Gaia Dragon

    G-Master (Gマスター, Jī Masutā)

    Miyazato High School  (宮里学院, Miyazato Gakuen)



    FAITH  (フェイス, Feisu)



    White Wolf  (ホワイトウルフ, Howaito Urufu)

      Celestial Sphere (ソレスタル・スフィア, Soresutaru Sufia)

      Great K (グレート・K, Gurēto Kei)

      Tiger & Rabbit

      Build Busters (ビルドバスターズ, Birudo Basutāzu)




       Titan (タイタン, Taitan)

        Von Braun (フォンブラウン, Fon Buraun)

      Yajima Trading


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