Monday, 27 April 2015


(Gunpla Build Fighter Group Build)
Entry Rule
Base Kit : Any Gundam build fighter series.
Grade : Only HG are allowed (base kit)
Criteria : Must be a custom build
(weathering , paint build , diorama , kitbash , detailing , pla-plating etc.)
Entry : Each participant can only submit 1 Submission. However 1 submission can contain multiple kits (diorama, battle scene etc)
Time : 1/4/2014 ~ 17/7/2015

Other :
~Each participant MUST use this post picture as their facebook Profile picture until the deadline of GBFGB.
~During GBFGB period participant are encourage to post wip (work in progress to ensure its your originality.
Moreover participant will receive an appreciation and acknowledgement in a form of a gift AND some LUCKY DRAW PRIZES !!!
So be creative, be patient, be tidy and be efficient.
Penalty !!!!
to those who participant half way done or didnt finish as scedule will not be able to receive appreciation gift and LUCKY DRAW PRIZES..