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Thursday, 2 June 2016


The Strangers is the title of a comic book series created and written by Steve Englehart. It was originally drawn by Rick Hoberg, for Malibu ComicsUltraverse imprint.
The Strangers consisted of a group of random passengers on a cable car who were struck by what they believed to be a bolt of lightning, but was actually a "jumpstart": one of the bursts of energy emitted by the Entity from the Moon, which transformed them into "Ultras".

 The Strangers were an Ultra-hero team consisting of:
  • Electrocute - a gynoid (female android) named "Candy", created as an elaborate sex toy by billionaire villain J.D. Hunt. She develops sentience after the accident and becomes a superhero with the Strangers. She has the ability to project bolts of electricity, as well as a highly durable body.
  • Atom Bob (Bob Hardin) - Art student who gains the ability to rearrange matter on the molecular or atomic levels.
  • Grenade (Hugh Fox) - close friend of Bob, gains the ability to fire explosive blasts.
  • Lady Killer (Elena La Brava) - Fashion designer; Has tracking ability. Plus can hit what she aims for.
  • Spectral (Dave Castiglone)- Able to envelop himself in different colored flames, each color granting him a different power: Red (enhanced strength and aggression), Orange (fire manipulation), Yellow (flight), Green (healing), Blue (water manipulation), Indigo (space-vacuum survival), Violet (protection). Castiglone later revealed he was gay.
  • Yrial - Sorceress from a magic flying city.
  • Zip-Zap (Leon Balford)- Urban teenager who gained super-speed.